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Tips and tricks: How to use Volkswagen remote start

How to start your Volkswagen with your key fob

Do you have a Volkswagen equipped with remote start? Then you may want to learn how to start your Volkswagen with your key fob. At Sheehy Volkswagen of Hagerstown, we can help/ While you are here, don’t forget to check out our new Volkswagen inventory near Frederick, MD by clicking the link below.

What needs to be done before you can remote start your Volkswagen

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There is no setup for the remote start to work on your VW as long as it was included equipment, but a few things do need to be in order before the key fob will be able to start your Volkswagen remotely.

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Firstly, all the doors have to be closed and the vehicle must be parked. Additionally, the car will not start remotely if the low fuel indicator light is on. Of course, your VW also has to be in working order with a strong battery too. The car will not start remotely if it would not start normally.

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Using the key fob for VW remote start

You’ll notice that there is an “x2” on your remote start button. Take note of that as it will become important in a moment. Before you even press the remote start button though, you first have to press the lock button to lock the doors (even if the doors are already locked). Follow that by pressing the remote start button twice in quick succession.

You should see the lights flash on your VW after you do this. The Volkswagen will remain running on its own for about 10 minutes before it shuts itself off. After this, the ignition will have to be cycled normally before the VW will be able to be remotely started again.

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